Java – Prerequisites to Develop a CRM Java Desktop Application

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Be cool it’s never hard to develop a java desktop application, the professional have made the work so easy that we can just drag and drop the components and develop the desktop application easy.

So let’s begin to know how to develop a desktop application, but don’t be so fast thinking you can develop software without knowing some common requirements.

JDK (Java Development Kit)

Install latest version of Java JDK in your Computer. And make sure you use the same JDK for your entire project to avoid problem with updates.

Developing a desktop application means you are a J2SE developer or Java SE (Standard Edition). In simple words J2SE developer’s means who develops Desktop computer application.

IDE (Integrated development environment)

It’s never a good idea directly practicing you application development in IDE’s like Eclipse and Netbeans, for beginners I recommend you people to practice code writing tools like notepad, notepad++ at the beginning stage. You might have question like how much time I must spend code practicing with tools like notepad, notepad++. The answer is simple you must practice complete core Java concepts along with compilation in notepad and notepad++.

So when you are done with practicing choose one of the IDE’s like Eclipse or Netbeans and enjoy  the ease of creating Java project and compiling code on just one click.

GUI (Graphical user interface)

Forget the 90’s way of developing an application like AWT, its lot easier for you people to work with Swings GUI or JavaFX GUI, if you ask me which one is better of them I go with Swing Windows builder (GUI). We have 100 ‘s of video tutorials and also Source code with examples.

Java GUI lets you make a desktop application with drag and drop functionalities, so that you can create JFrame, Jdialog and components like JTextField, JPasswordField, JComboBox, JTable etc.

Embedded Database

No matter what kind of application you develop, you need a database to maintain the app data. In case of desktop application you will require and embedded database.

What’s the difference between embedded database and server database in simple words?

(i). Embedded Database

Data which is stored within the computer and accessed by single user of the individual’s software is called embedded database. For example I use H2 database

(ii) Server Database

 Data which is stored in the cloud and accessed by the user with the help of internet is known as server database.

JasperStudio Reports Generation Tool.

JasperStudio or Jasperreports is a reporting generating library for java developers. You can design reports using database queries and pass parameters to get perfect output of your generated reports.

So it is better to have some common understanding of jasper reports, it if free source and easy to learn for beginners.