How to Link One JFrame to Another JFrame in Java Swing/AWT/SWT/Windows Builder

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Common question asked by java Swing/AWT/SWT Windows builder UI developers, how to link one frame to another in Java swings. There are plenty of ways to link one Frame to another frame, i will discuss all the different ways to do this process.

Lets Assume 2 Frames TestFrame1 and TestFrame2 , on the action performed of TestFrame1 we must open the TestFrame2.

How to open Another Frame on Button Click

Assuming the 2 frame as per the examples. The first frame must have a JButton with action performed event. see the below code and try

TestFrame2 tf2 =new TestFrame2();


if you want to close the TestFrame1 on opening TestFrame2, you can write dispose method after setVisible(true)


how to write the same code in single line.

new TestFrame2.setVisible(true);