Hibernate Tutorial – Environment Setup

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In this tutorial we will see how to download Hibernate and setup an environment for Hibernate project development. In this entire tutorial i will be using H2 Database, the process will be same for any kind of Database. So make sure to install your preferred Database.

How to Download Hibernate

Install Latest Version of Java : make sure you installed latest version of Java installed in your computer. it your choice to go with Windows, Linux or any other operating system.

Download the latest version : you can download the latest version of Hibernate Framework form http://www.hibernate.org/downloads. at the the time of this tutorial i was working on Hibernate 5.2.16 for

Hibernate gets downloaded in a zip file, you can use any unzipping software like winrar to extract the files.

Hibernate Tutorial 5.2.16

In the next next tutorial we will create our first Hibernate project.