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Fix: Windows 10 login Screen Does not Appear

This is the most common issue i faced getting stuck at the screen boot up in my windows 10, most usually when i press ENTER key the login screen appears but in some situations i am unable to seen the login screen for a while. There is noting to worry about this problem its very common issue faced by almost every windows 10 user.

Why this happen?
In my regular working experience with windows 10 i noticed that when you forget to shut down your Computer for a while and your Computer or Laptop goes to sleep mode so the background running programs could cause the login screen appearing problem when you try to wake up the Computer or Laptop.


How can you fix this problem ?
Step 1: if you are worried about the programs which are running at the background and your are unable to see the login screen i suggest you to press CTRL+ALT+DEL all at once you will see the login screen and simply login into it. But later when you lock you screen again the same problem arises again and you need to again press CTRL+ALT+DEL to fix this issue.

Step 2 : In this situation you will not be able to see any restart, Sleep or Shut Down directly from the screen, so what i suggest you guys is to Hard shutdown the Computer and Reboot this will fix the problem.
but you must notice that if you hard reboot the computer your background running programs will not resume at the time of boot up.